NO PHILOSOPHER KING: An Everyday Guide To Art And Life Under Trump

NPK cover.png

AC Institute is thrilled to present the newest addition to our AC Books publishing roster: No Philosopher King: An Everyday Guide to Art and Life Under Trump. Written by Richard Fletcher using the nom de plume of Minus Plato, this book follows a classics professor as he copes with the reckoning that was the American 2016 presidential election. Deeply disenchanted, the narrator flees to Athens, Greece in time for the documenta 14 exhibition, where out of the shock and anger emerges a revolutionary voice: Minus Plato.

Drawing wisdom from ancient philosophers and poets, and the spirited rebellion of the contemporary arts scene, Minus Plato makes daily musings and ruminations concerning the state of global politics and the duty of citizens to dissent. This book records a year of critical thinking and the ensuing conversations, examining our everyday lives under the Trump administration, so that we may responsibly affect the future.

No Philosopher King will be published in February 2019 will be available for preorder soon! 

Richard Fletcher, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the Department of Arts Administration, Education and Policy at Ohio State University.