‘patacritical Interrogation Techniques: Anthology 3

‘patacritical Interrogationis a collection of pre-existing texts translated and transformed to the brink of paranoid conspiracy theory and avant-garde literature. In this volume of applied ‘patacriticism, edited by Los Angeles-based artist/critic Doug Harvey, pre-existing texts are subjected to extreme stress to reveal their hidden meanings. ‘patacritical Interrogations Techniques Anthology Volume 3 (or ‘pITA3) offers a solid introduction to this exciting new field for readers unfamiliar with ‘patacriticism, as well as a sampling of the very latest developments for those already entrenched in the discipline.

Doug Harvey—artist, experimental musician, curator, cultural writer and critic—writes special features for The Nation. For 15 years he was an art critic for the LA WEEKLY , the largest circulation free weekly newspaper in America, and Art issues , the highly respected LA-based journal of art and contemporary culture, which ceased publication in 2002. His writing has also appeared in Art in America , The New York Times , Modern Painter, ArtReview , and numerous other publications. He has written museum and gallery catalogue essays.

Doug Harvey is currently working on the next anthology, Volume 2 of the series.

Publication Details

  • English

  • Softcover

  • 7 x 10 in.

  • 416 pages

  • ISBN 978-0988471-58-0

  • Fall 2016